Chiropractor Jacob Pudenz D.C.


Dr. Jacob Pudenz was born and raised in Carroll, Iowa where he grew up on a farm. He grew up receiving chiropractic care, which inspired four of his other siblings to be Chiropractors as well, all graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic. His older sister graduated in 1997, brother 2003, other older sister 2008 and his twin brother graduated with Dr. Pudenz in 2011.

Dr. Pudenz has seen in his own family how chiropractic care has helped sustain health, from his older brother having an accident as a baby and his sister having a terrible car accident. All in which chiropractic care was a part of their rehabilitation process.

Dr. Jacob Pudenz chose the Newhall IA area because of his lifestlye of growing up in a small community and his other siblings have practices in small towns as well. Dr. Pudenz also believes in giving back to the small-town businesses. This area is also half-way between Dr. Pudenz and his wife's families. Dr. Pudenz's wife has recently graduated with her Registered Nurse and works at Mercy Hospital. They have a three year old daughter and a nine month old son.


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